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03. 06. 2020


Seed production

Lines for hybrid production are produced in technical isolation – special tunnels covered by netted cloth (Fig. 13), and/or on smaller areas in spatial isolation.  Hybrids themselves are then produced by our contractual seed growers on bigger plots (1 – 10 ha depending on the variety).   Seed threshing is done by our own special threshing machine (Fig. 14 and 15) which perfectly separates seeds from the rest of the fruit (Fig. 16).

Fig. 13 - Tunnels covered by netted cloth as a technical isolation for production of new superlines.Fig. 14 - Special cucumber seed threshing machine.
Fig. 15 - Threshing machine during seeds harvest.Fig. 16 - Cucumber seeds harvested by threshing machine. Still wet and unwashed but almost clean.

This process is followed by seed washing (Fig. 17), quick process drying (Fig. 18), complete cleaning (partial calibration) and final seed treatment – incrustation of seeds and thermal treatment, which is all done again by us in our company.  The result is a high quality seed (Fig. 19) with a long viability, over 99,5 % purity and over 95% germination.

Fig. 17 - Manual seeds washing after the harvest.Fig. 18 - Drying process of washed seeds on electric drying-plant.Fig. 19 - Ready to sell seeds in sacks and hobby-pack.

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