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05. 06. 2020


Company profile


ING. B. HOLMANCompany was established in 1991 by Ing. Bohuslav Holman. It is specialized in cucumber breeding and seed production, specifically pickling and slicing cucumbers for open field and/or under plastic.  Our hybrid varieties are suitable for climatic conditions of Middle and Eastern Europe.

We continue in his started work at breeding and seed production of cucumbers, which he did more than 40 years successfully.  Our breeding work focuses on breeding high-yielding plants and the top quality fruits, and furthermore on resistance to various cucumber diseases – in the past few years especially to downy mildew and mosaic viruses ZYMV and CMV.

Considering my continuous interest and expertise in cucumber breeding, I have become a member of the EUCARPIA (European Association for Research on Plant Breeding) and its CGC (Cucurbit Genetic Cooperative) department.  I am also a member of the CMSSA (Czech and Moravian Breeding and Seed Trade Association) associating breeding and seed trade companies in the Czech Republic.

Currently we are offering 12 of our own cucumber varieties - 5 varieties of prickly and 4 varieties of smooth pickling cucumbers, and 3 varieties of slicing cucumbers.  In our large breeding nursery we are also permanently working on breeding other advanced new cucumber varieties.

The most important factor for the smaller enterprise to promote itself in the competition of the big corporations is the top quality of varieties and seed, and fair dealing with customers. This is determined by the strong specialization (only the cucumbers) and careful and conscientious work within the breeding and also processing and dispatching of the seed.

Ing. Jiří Holman, PhD.


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